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GRENFs ene energy (graphene)

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Fujian Zhaoshen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Xi'an Engineering University and Guangdong Guangfang Testing and Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the preparation of graphene functional fibers, and developed a variety of graphene textiles. Graphene multi-functional fiber subverts the limitation of the single function of traditional fiber, and has various special functions such as anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, antibacterial, antibacterial, super far-infrared, special protection, smart fabric, etc. And then to the gorgeous transformation of smart fibers and textiles.


01  Super Infrared Deep Skin Rejuvenation


Ethylene energy fiber can absorb ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body and convert them into far-infrared waves known as "life spectrum" that are beneficial to human health. The alkene energy fabric can absorb more than 88% of far-infrared light in the low energy state of 20~35°, which helps to accelerate the temperature of the skin surface, dilate the capillaries, promote blood circulation, strengthen tissue metabolism, dredge the meridians, and promote blood circulation. For a healthy and moisturizing skin effect.



02  Microcirculation improves metabolism in the new city


The ene energy fiber absorbs far-infrared waves and causes resonance with water molecules in the human body to activate the water molecules and enhance their intermolecular binding force, thereby activating biological macromolecules such as proteins, so that biological cells are at the highest vibration energy level, producing Thermal reaction, increase oxygen carrying capacity, promote biological metabolism and growth and development.



03  Antibacterial and antibacterial self-cleaning skin care


Graphene nanomolecules in graphene energy fibers exhibit excellent antibacterial properties when interacting with bacteria, and have great application potential in biomedical textiles.

The ene energy fiber fabric has comprehensive functions such as odor absorption, moisture absorption and ventilation, and combined with its powerful far-infrared function, it activates the immune cell function of the skin, strengthens the phagocytic function of white blood cells and reticuloendothelial cells, and achieves anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. . The antibacterial effect does not decay after washing, achieving the effect of self-cleaning and nourishing the skin.



04  Antistatic


Graphene is currently the best conductive material in the world with high electron mobility.

The ene energy fiber can quickly leak the static electricity generated by friction, and at the same time endow the material surface with a certain lubricity and reduce the friction coefficient, thereby inhibiting and reducing the generation of static charge, balancing the potential difference on the surface of the human body, and preventing skin itching and pigmentation , has the effect of balancing and nourishing the skin.



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