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jade spar

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icooling jade spar fiber uses natural nephrite as raw material, and uses airflow grinding technology to uniformly grind the jade from coarse to fine, and combine it with porous materials, add high water absorption molecules, and make it with advanced technology; jade Interacting with macromolecules not only increases the amount of water adsorption, but also enables rapid transfer of heat energy, making the human body feel cool.



The garments and other fabric products made of icooling jade spar fiber have an instantaneous cooling heat flow of more than 0.2W/cm2, exceeding the standard of general cooling clothing. In addition, the fiber has the same hygroscopic power as cotton, and is cooler than hemp, which can reduce people's dependence on air-conditioning. This technology can be used for the production of various types of textile products such as T-shirts, sleeves, sports underwear, shapewear, bedding and so on.




The special-shaped section structure is adopted, and the fiber gap is larger than that of the general circular section fiber. The fibers of the special-shaped section use the capillary effect of the groove to absorb, transport the sweat and moisture on the skin surface to the surface of the fabric and dissipate it, forming the function of ""moisture absorption and quick drying"".


Contact coolness

icooling jade spar cooling fibers will produce an instant cooling sensation of 1~2 degrees after contacting the skin. Long-term sunlight exposure will produce a cooling temperature difference of 3~4 degrees, which makes people feel that the heart rate is reduced and sweating The rate and heat sensation are reduced, the time of fatigue state is obviously delayed, and it is easy to concentrate.


Fresh and antibacterial

icooling jade spar fiber has a high specific surface area, which makes it more effective in adsorbing odors than ordinary ore; high specific surface area has the effect of decomposing odors similar to activated carbon, so it can deodorize without fragrance, even if washed many times, Its fresh and antibacterial properties are still lasting and effective.


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