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The Parmesan fiber is made from Dominican Larima (LARIMAR) blue needle sodalite and my country Guangxi Parmesan longevity stone. We use special wet grinding to process it into Parmesan nano-scale ultra-fine composite powder It is found that the Parmesan composite material contains special components: selenium, zirconium, zinc, titanium, germanium and other special components that are beneficial to the human body, and then added into viscose or chemical fiber to spin out the function Sexual composite fibers.



Negative ions relieve stress

The titanium, germanium and zirconium components in the parmesan release negative ions, which act on the biological current of the human body, neutralize the ions in the human body, adjust the biological current, and maintain the balance of the current in the body. Infrared has a strengthening effect. Can promote vitality, blood circulation, relieve mental stress.


Antioxidants delay aging

The selenium element in Parmesan is the strongest anti-free radical element. It has a strong antioxidant capacity, 500 times that of vitamin E and vitamin C. It can remove excess oxygen free radicals in the human body and reduce the Oxidation of cells to achieve the effect of delaying cell aging. In addition, it has been found through experiments that selenium can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase from melanocytes in the basal layer of the skin, block the production of melanin, improve skin whiteness from the inside out, inhibit the formation of melanin on the skin surface, and make the skin whiter.


Antibacterial sterilization

Parmesan contains zinc ions, which can combine with thiol groups (-SH) and hydroxyl groups inside bacteria, so that bacterial cells can not be metabolized normally due to protein deterioration, resulting in bacterial death and disappearance. thereby preventing the reproduction of bacteria.


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