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germanium-rich stone

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【Gemanium-rich stone】is a fiber made of nano-scale germanium alloy powder mixed with polyester particles. Germanium element can rapidly and strongly release energy in the form of far-infrared rays, negative ions and micro-current, which has a health-care effect on the human body and has obvious effects on beauty and weight loss.

The germanium stone is stable in nature, directly contacting the germanium stone, the germanium element enters the blood and blood circulation through the skin, and enriches the Ge element in the body. As a semiconductor, it can balance the charge of the human body, promote human metabolism, and remove static electricity.



Product Features


Boost metabolism

Using germanium's activity and antioxidant effect, inorganic germanium fiber can promote human metabolism and relieve fatigue. It is especially suitable for people who work a lot every day, or who often feel uncomfortable in certain parts of the body. Wearing inorganic germanium healthy clothing, you can Adjust your physique throughout the day.


Release negative ions

Alloy germanium crystal is a piezoelectric material. When it is in a certain environment (such as friction, heat, fluctuation, light, etc.), it will automatically release negative ions. Negative ions are like natural antioxidants, which can reduce oxygen free radicals produced by atmospheric pollutants, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes, etc., reduce the harm of excessive active oxygen to the human body, and purify the air. ""Vitamins in the air"".


Emits far infrared

The yarn made of germanium-rich stone can release high-efficiency far-infrared rays, and far-infrared rays have the functions of keeping warm, promoting blood circulation, and promoting metabolism. Far-infrared rays can reduce the production of blood lactic acid in the human body, effectively reduce the blood lactic acid produced by people's exercise, and the replacement can quickly restore the degree of fatigue, which has an anti-fatigue effect.



Germanium is a semiconductor material between metals and non-metals. Alloy germanium can quickly conduct electrons on the surface of the material. The textiles made of germanium-rich stone fiber produced by our company have good antistatic function. After testing, the static half-time of germanium-rich stone fabric underwear products is 0.7 seconds.

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