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[Mokasha] is made of coffee grounds as raw materials, and is calcined at high temperature to make the crystal phase and pores of the coffee grounds in the best state, ground into nano-scale powder, and made into coffee carbon masterbatch by a special process , with the corresponding drying, spinning, drafting and other key processes to make coffee carbon fiber.

Mokasha also has the functions of heat storage, deodorization and bacteriostasis. It is a natural low-carbon environmentally friendly recyclable material.



Mokasha gives full play to the characteristics of coffee grounds, which not only saves energy and reduces carbon without increasing the burden on the earth, but also keeps up with fashion and conforms to fashion trends. It is widely used in underwear, shirts, jeans, socks, home textiles and other fields. Wearing mocha dress, you can enjoy the natural and warm comfort brought by coffee.


Mokasha Product Features


Warm up

Mokasha has three functions of heating and warming at the same time: heat storage function, moisture absorption heating function, far-infrared heating function. After testing, mokasha has a higher heating rate than ordinary PET fibers under light irradiation. Wearing mokasha clothing allows you to enjoy the natural and warm comfort that coffee brings.


Deodorant and antibacterial

Mokasha has a honeycomb-like carbon pore structure, and its products have a certain odor adsorption function. Using 40PPM ammonia gas for deodorization test, the deodorization rate can reach 80%-90%. This deodorant is a natural physical adsorption, which does not cause any harm to the human body, and is very environmentally friendly and healthy.


Low carbon environmental protection

Mokasha recycles discarded coffee grounds to reduce environmental pollution.

Mokasha color can be made into a natural hemp gray without dyeing, reducing the waste of energy and water resources.

Mokasha products have good heating and heat preservation effect. In winter, the temperature of the air conditioner can be appropriately lowered to reduce energy consumption.


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