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hot lava

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HuoRelava hot lava™fiber is a new type of textile fiber material made of volcanic lava“obsidian” nanocomposite materials and fiber raw materials.

Obsidian spar is a naturally occurring type of fire glass that is formed when volcanic lava cools and condense so quickly that there has not been enough time for the mineral crystals to grow and form glassy. The nanocomposite prepared by it is rich in mineral elements such as silicon oxide, titanium, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and sodium; it is also the most absorbing spar among all spar, giving the hot lava fiber more a characteristic.


Feature Description


Far infrared function

The human body contains calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and other trace elements, which can emit far-infrared energy of 5-30 microns. According to physical theory, the human body can absorb a large amount of far-infrared rays of 5-30 microns. The hot lava fiber absorbs light and heat in nature or absorbs and reflects the radiant heat released by the human body, and converts and emits far-infrared rays with a wavelength of 8~14μm (microns), which is the life light wave.


Warm up

The light wave of life can penetrate into the human body and resonate with the water molecules of the human body, causing the skin and subcutaneous tissue to produce thermal reactions and dilation of microvessels. Hot lava fibers can absorb sunlight and light emitted by the human body, convert these energy that the human body cannot absorb back to the human body, thereby promoting blood circulation, increasing the oxygen content of the human body and balancing the temperature of the human body.


Promoting microcirculation

Because obsidian spar can absorb energy, it can accumulate and store the energy lost by the body. The biological waves it produces can activate water molecules and increase the oxygen content of the body. Because about 70% of the human body is water, the biological waves can resonate water molecules and increase the oxygen content of the body. People are more energetic, thereby improving disease resistance, delaying aging, and improving the circulatory system. In addition, obsidian spar is also one of the strongest crystals to exclude negative energy.



The hot lava fiber contains a variety of minerals, and the zinc ions and other substances can combine with the thiol groups (-SH) and hydroxyl groups inside the bacteria, so that the bacterial cells cannot be metabolized normally due to protein deterioration. The bacteria die and disappear, preventing the bacteria from multiplying.


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